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The True Meaning of Christmas

Series Description:

Unfortunately, the current trend across America is that if Christmas falls on a Sunday, itís not only the least attended service, but some Churches will actually cancel services. And believe it or not, I think I know why. People, even in the Church, have forgotten The True Meaning of Christmas. You see, Christmas is not merely about gathering around with family and eating copious amounts of food and opening gifts, and itís certainly not about a bloated guy flying around in a sleigh named Santa Claus. Itís about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into this world so that you and I could have a beautiful loving intimate personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. In fact, this study, The True Meaning of Christmas reveals how Jesus went to great lengths to make sure we didnít miss this point, and thatís seen when we compare our relationship with Him in the Bible as the Bride of Christ, to the Seven Phases of a Jewish Marriage Ceremony. The True Meaning of Christmas not only unveils this amazing parallel, but it opens our eyes to a two-fold message from Jesus thatís been tucked away all along in the Bible. One, He loves His bride an awful lot, even to the point where He would give His life for her. And two, we all need to make sure we really belong to Him as His Bride, otherwise one day, we will find ourselves shut out from the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! Donít miss out on The True Meaning of Christmas!

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