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The True Meaning of Communion

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Series Description:

Even though youd think we Christians would know better, when it comes to the Church ordinance of Communion, many Christians not only take it for granted, but they also act like its some dry, stale, boring ritualistic activity. You know, where we periodically for some reason pass a plate here and hold a cup there and stand up sit down and were good to go until next time, whenever that might be. Yet, little do people know, even Christians, that this kind of attitude towards Communion is not only displeasing to God, it may very well be leading to the judgment of God. Therefore, this study, The True Meaning of Communion reminds us what the Bible teaches us about the importance of Communion so as to avoid this harsh reality. The Bible is says Communion is a Time of Worship, a Time of Unity, and a Time of Urgency. Why is it so many Christians are in a weakened state? Why are so many believers sick on a constant basis? And is there any reason why some Christians die for seemingly no reason at all? Believe it or not, it may have to do with their attitude and behavior while taking Communion. Discover the True Meaning of Communion now so as to avoid being disciplined by the Hand of God today!

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